Our prices for Dogs  (Clip Prices include bath)

under 15Pounds

Small Dog baths                                $50.00

Small Dog Clips                                  $65.00

under 45 Pds

Med Dog bath                                    $65.00

Med Dog Clip                                      $75.00

under 90 Pds

Large  Dog bath                                  $75.00

Large Dog Clip                                     $95.00

Standard Poodle  XlARGE  Dogs       $150.00

 Afghan Brush                                      $75.00B

Afgan Bath and Brush.                       $150.00

Sheepdogs bath and brush.              $150.00

​WE LOVE CATS!!!!!!!!!

At SALTY DOG AND COOL CAT we are about the environment. So. No plastic. Paper only. NO CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS 

                CASH OR CHECK ONLY. 

Prices are approximate Most Variations are due to matting or excessive hair

 Cat baths are $75 Cat Clips to include Lion Clips are $95 Cat clip price includes the Bath --Clip only (no bath)is $75

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